Hi there! I'm Abhishek Sachan, I'm Abhishek Sachan, a curious JavaScripter, Web Developer and a Writer from India.

“Curious JavaScripter, writer, Codepener (http://codepen.io/abhisack ). Busy exploring what things really are. Always learning.” reads my twitter bio.

I love JS and Maths (not dry, practical one!) at heart and believe in the power of writing revolutionary code with the combination of both. You will always find me ‘not following the standards’ blindly. I feel like any work I do is useless until I don’t be divergent with it and learn something new from it. Even in the case of code architecture, I first design the structures from scratch instead of blindly following a pattern. I also beleive in the power of learning concepts, not systems or a framework. Simply, I would feel like a dead person if ‘I ever use jQuery without knowing the JavaScript’, even in the physical life.

I prefer being consious at work, instead of having a bunch of information to be used directly in my work lacking the real intuition. Currently, I’m passionate about functional programming, Interactive Data Visualization, UIs, animation automation through code and every web technology out there. I dream of really strange ideas of briniging Code to the the streets i.e. using Web Technologies in physical world with the help of boards like Espruino, Raspberry Pi etc.

I recently fell in love with ‘Web Game Development’ because it requires a lot of math, coordinate thinking, motion and animation which I love a lot. It’s during coding simplegames that I end-up making cool functions that seem like magic (well, atleast to me :)).

Apart from all these passions, and more important than anything for me is spirituality. I let eveything go and focus just on the core of thing. I do not take standards as the real knowledge. I’m often afraid to lose my real-self by getting trapped in the standards. Also I’m very afraid of developing an external and absolute opinion on something (you can consider this to be my biggest fear). I deny typecasting of knowledge and believe everything is connected and converges at single point. I believe every work in this universe is an art with the beauty not everyone tries to see.

My other interesets include sci-fi, social-drama movies, art of film direction, character acting, voice acting, literature, poems (I often write ‘em too). Also I’m very curious about reality, Universe, relativity, science (wisdom), math (wisdom) and read/experiment a lot about it.

Last but not least, I’m most creative, productive, reasonable, workholic, happy when I’m just with myself, alone.

I find Kyle Simpson, Eric Elliotte to be my best mentors. I constantly take inspiration of favouring simplicity, divergence and learning what really matters for them.

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