A short guide for beginners to learn to code.


April 2015


Design & Development



While there are many guides like this including W3 Fools and Move The Web Forward but there was still a lack of a guide that would help beginners that are currently starting out from scratch. For a beginner it’s very important to learn from a cutting-edge resource in order to make his code accessible, semantic and expandable. A lot of beginners suffer from bad resources of learning code at starting and it may take more than a year for them to know about standard resources and get themselves established in the industry (which is what happened to me. When I started out back then, I used non-standard, obsolete resources to learn code and it was after six months that I got to know about good publications like CSS-Tricks, MDN and Codepen.). So the goal of this guide is to help beginners learn code from trusted, experienced and standard resources right from starting so that they learn fast and stay away from bad side of code (there isn’t any bad side of code but, bad resources might create horrifying experiences).